About the event

We are pleased to present to you a new type of event for Bulgaria. It took place on September 6, 2020 under the name Augusta Trayana Rendez-Vous, between 9 AM and 3 PM in Artileriiski Park, in the city of Stara Zagora. It was organized by the Association of Motoring Historians in Bulgaria with the cooperation of Stara Zagora Municipality. This was a one time only event, which means that it won't be held again in the following years. It gave the guidelines for communication and implementation of a modern retro car event in 2021.

The Organizer committed to and provided:

- A new time frame for the event
- A modified event concept
- A modified organization plan
- A different prise fund
- Stimulated contemporary communication between guests and participants
- Extended /continuing/ presentation of the participating cars
- A policy for integration of generations
- Many surprises for guests and participants

With the idea for equality between all regional, national, sports clubs and brand, model and interest clubs, the event turned into a whimsical celebration for the whole guild represented by owners, enthusiasts, institutions, organizations and media.

It convened in one place 68 retro cars, among which one Skoda PTO 1967 bus.

The idea of the event is to integrate various forms of cultural communication in a new type of event for Bulgaria. The goal is to show that the link between the various arts, activities and practices really exists and it is potentially acceptable to the various generations. The main part of the event is the gathering of historical motor vehicles without the competitive element, but rather to present and assess the historical value of the engineering mind and design as part of the world cultural heritage. This was supported by a flash mob of dances and clothes from the 30s to the 60s of the last century, presented by professional dancers. The musical part of the event was assured by the band Strike, playing live the whole time. For the children, as part of the guild’s future, were organized: Painting on the pavement, painting on canvas, race with go-cars. The race was under the sharp eye of professional animators and sports marshals. Seven cups were awarded, specially crafted works of art by the hands of one of the few in Bulgaria masters of glass casting from Plovdiv - Ivan Lambrov, and each of them is unique and would fit perfectly in any applied art collection. This was the first event of such type, which was SMART - i.e. all participants had QR codes, which lead to different info pages of our website, presenting the specific car. These codes will remain active indefinitely on our website and will form an informative database with remote access - the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. This is a sort of digital transformation of the historical motor vehicles’ management.

Among the pleasant surprises for the guest was the special stall of the Tourist Information Center in Stara Zagora, which was presented for the first time. The stall offers hand-made souvenirs and linden tree products - one of the loved symbols of Stara Zagora. One can also buy linden jam and water, as well as specially made souvenirs in the form of a linden tree.

The three member expert panel appointed the winners of the exhibition, and the audience also chose its favorite trough direct voting.

The visitors of the retro parade, except the pretty cars, were also able to enjoy the special exhibition of medals, awards, side and fire arms from the Liberation Wars period. It was organized by the National Association “Tradition”’s branch in Stara Zagora. At exactly 12 AM the members of the Association, dressed in authentic historical uniforms, carrying the respective arms, read the Proclamation for declaring the Union between the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia.

A total of three cars made their debut on a Bulgarian exhibition, namely: Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet 1949, Mercedes 220 SEB 1961 and Triumph TR7 1980. Three English families also participated in the event and presented their retro cars ВАЗ 2104, Волга 24 and MG.