About us

Regular enthusiasts with a view of the European culture and practice in this field. We have the hope and the vision to develop those in Bulgaria. In the year 2000, we were a main part of the team, who shot the movie “...Tradition and Future!” for the 10-year anniversary of the Bulgarian Retro Car Club – one of its kind in Bulgaria. In 2002, some of us started the ClassicCars.bg (classiccars.zonebg.com) and we still support and develop it. Today, the WEB platform has over 11 000 uploaded photos and contains over 210 subpages.

Our biggest pride is the Tour d’Europe™. This is an initiative, which started unintentionally with one shared idea and friendly talks in 2011. Thanks to it, we visited more than 50 car museums in Europe and over 10 expos and markets. A total of 30 colleagues from the clubs in Bourgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Varna, Sofia, Belgrade and Blagoevgrad participated in its seven editions.

Let us not forget the annual summit of the Automotive Historians Association in Serbia. We initiated our first visit there in 2011. A total of 43 crews from our clubs in Bourgas, Blagoevgrad, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Varna and Haskovo took part in our seven visits to Belgrade.

Point of view™ was born in 2018. It is the lighter version of the Tour d’Europe. It is for shorter distances (such as car trips), less people and boutique events. Its goal is not to replace its predecessor, but only to widen the scope of foreign visits, as well as to optimize the human factor.

In 2019, we took care of the full organization of the 16th Retro Parade Stara Zagora and its program in view of 25 years from the foundation of Retro Automotive Club Stara Zagora, which remained in the history with:

  • A new location
  • A new concept for the program
  • A new organizational scheme
  • An international panel
  • A different prize fund
  • A new place for the official dinner
  • A new entertainment program
  • Many surprises for the participants and the guests

The number of registered cars for the parade in 2019 reached 172.

In all these years, we worked closely with many of the regional and national clubs, which gave us the chance to complete: eight national calendars, two books on the club history and almost 30 audio-visual documentaries for events in Bulgaria and abroad.

We must also mention the Facebook page, Instagram profile and YouTube channel that we created, support and develop.