The conservation consists of two completely different parts - preserving the material (security / protection) and the authenticity. The first is the attitude towards the material item, and the second - towards the historical. The first tries to preserve the material intactness and the second - the spirit of the car and age. The conservation of historical vehicles is one of the most pressing issues before the owners of such cars. First, because they are not for daily use; second, because their impeccable appearance and originality define their participation in various events; and last, but not least, because of the difficulty to obtain spare, interior and exterior parts.

We look at the conservation as an attitude: not only to provide shelter, but, if needed, to replace one part not with the cheapest possible, but with the most authentic. The use of parts and elements, not corresponding to the originals with the respective specifications of that age, leads to defacing the aesthetics of the time. The communication, exchange of information regarding the accessibility of original spare parts (even if aftermarket) is the core for preserving the authenticity.