Collecting vs. hoarding

The difference between the two is just one step! From having something aesthetic and useful for the community to overstocking things you think will be useful or will make you insanely rich. Sigmund Freud first reviewed the hoarding, but he does not see collecting as arising from the same motives as hoarding. Everywhere around the world, not only in Bulgaria, one can see places, such as yards, hangars or just fields, filled with dozens and sometimes hundreds of cars. The latter in unsightly state, without any effort for the purely material preservation, and one day they turn into scrap. The bad thing is that many of these people are also scrooges and their pathology has been studied for centuries - they neither give, nor sell, nor make, nor invest. In other words, the important for them is to acquire a certain car and not invest a penny more afterwards!

It is not necessary to have 100 cars in order to call yourself a connoisseur or collector. What is important is to have the attitude and view towards the historical vehicles. Those do not come with the money, but with the education and environment.