The Media

Working with the media, whether traditional or digital, has always been a part of the organization and of conducting retro car events in Bulgaria. From the press releases to the live news feeds, all that is part of the social awareness and interest. Many partnering media (mostly for news and current affairs) have always been interested in personally communicating with participants and collectors.

The appearance of one, two, three magazines in the same field was a natural process for the printed media until the beginning of the 21st century. This process was determined by the niche markets, the size of the advertising market, as well as by the natural processes of the competition. The emergence of retro car press in Bulgaria right at the end of that period shapes it as non-complying with the above rules and processes. The attempts to create new periodicals in that field are mainly determined by the attempts to present various points of view and different journalistic practices. The small target group and the specifics of the contents most often define the complexity of starting and preserving such type of media, which ranks them next to the niche scientific journals in terms of penetration. In view of that and given the cost for writing and publishing, this type of product takes a lot of time and financing. The complexity of these factors also defines the controversial history of this direction of our hobby. From point of view of history, however, today we may safely say that the retro car movement in Bulgaria in the 21st century was a solid publisher of more than one monthly issue, which ranked it among the first in Europe.

It would be fair to mention the many regional and national newspapers as well or the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, which made space for boxes and articles for retro car events. Nevertheless, their essence remains in the informative journalism and their contents cite almost word by word the press releases of the respective promoters or their interviews.

For many years, the Bulgarian TV market had no specialized show for historical vehicles. A few attempts were made to start such a project in various televisions, but unfortunately unsuccessful. GTV were the first to introduce such foreign shows in 2005. This changed in 2010 thanks to the air of Bulsatcom, where the first Bulgarian original show for retro cars started.

The video production (as foundation of film and television production) of any kind of short and long forms was born back in 1999. After 2015, with the explosive development of smart devices as well as with the emergence of more affordable extreme cameras and the appearance of all digital platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, a large retro car themed content began to emerge.

The first WEB solutions for retro cars inevitably appeared with the distribution of Internet in Bulgaria in the second half of the 90's. At the beginning of the period, between 1999 and 2002, there were several pages in the Bulgarian web space regarding historical vehicles in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, most of them disappeared with the disbanding of Internet providers and free hosting platforms, but they definitely played a role and left a footprint on this historical trend. At present from those first ones only still exists.