Academic Environment and Education

The academic community in Bulgaria has had sporadic interest in the field of historical vehicles for years. Unfortunately, no university in Bulgaria has formed a clear tendency, field or department for them. For decades, there has been engineering, design, journalism, media awareness and history, but no official academic recognition or accreditation. It has been a long-term practice to use recognized colleagues as panel in competitions.

Widening the scope of work with the academic community is one of our goals, which includes not only cooperation, but R&D as well. A small step in that field would be a big advance for the culture of the entire nation regarding the historical vehicles, because the academic community educates.

The education of the adolescents is the main key to forming a broadminded society. The freedom of thought comes with the creation of wide scale knowledge. Presenting the historical vehicles as a field for achievements and development for the adolescents is a chance for the education to form the next generations of those who will fight to preserve the cultural and historical engineering heritage.