The need

The need to clearly define and position the work priorities in the retro car guild has been discussed for decades, but without clear criteria and frames for their implementation. The organization of events, regardless whether summits, parades, rallies or elegance contests is a small part of the retro car life in Bulgaria. Many of the other aspects, such as raising awareness and promoting the historical vehicles or events themselves as well as the idea and attitude towards them, are very meagerly covered and excluding the two magazines, one of which is not officially published and the other has no clear publication period, only the face-to-face communication remains. The latter cannot be overlooked, but its efficiency is basically equal to zero due to the low coverage and penetration. We must not forget the social networks, nor neglect their contribution, but no matter how big, it remains incomplete, unsystematic and multi directional.

All of the above determines the founding of an association, which to work for the culture, history and promotion of retro car life in Bulgaria. In the following pages of this leaflet, we would like to show the current state in Bulgaria, to tell who we are and how we see the main directions for our retro car life in the future.