The museum as a form of contemporary communication appears in Europe during the Renaissance. And so, for almost 350 years, these material collections, institutionalized or purely private, have an educational or purely informative impact on the formation of the society. Following the natural course of things, in the 70’s of the last century, the first car museums open their doors. Today, their number in one form or another is over 200 worldwide.

We can proudly state that we have visited over 50 in Europe. Their imprint unequivocally influences the formation of the worldview of each retro car fan. As an inspiration or as a standard, in one way or another they contribute to the events for historical vehicles that follow their opening. Currently there are seven such expositions in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, the lack of a true national automotive or transport museum is a loss not only for those that carry the retro car idea, but also for the whole society. The dozens of attempts of private and public entities, as well as of civic associations to found such a museum have yielded no result.

Fortunately, the promoters of this idea become more and more, which increases the hope that this dream may become a reality in Bulgaria.