2019 - „First I must congratulate for another book you made. It is really very interesting and a document which will be important many years later.

We spent great time in Stara Zagora and I was happy to be with all of you together. “

„I am extremely grateful to you, the organizing committee headed by Ганчо Баев, the club president Tonyo and the Старозагорски автомобилен клуб РЕТРО for the honor you have shown me to be a jury member.

I express my special gratitude for the hospitality you have shown me at a high level.

The anniversary book is especially beautifully designed and can serve

as a model for how it should be done with style.

The event was professionally organized in all aspects and is a result

that will take many clubs in different countries time to reach.

In anticipation of the continuation of our successful cooperation,

With warm regards to all our friends.“

„Through this presentation I would like to thank the organizers of this excellent classic car event for its honorable invitation and for asking me to participate in the role of international judge, I have tried to do my best through my knowledge from all these years I actively involved in this field. The hospitality was incredible, the food, the fun and the friendship between people who truly love classic cars and such events like this one I highly recommend to all my fans & followers! Last but not least I like to thank all participants for the excellent cooperation and respect they have given to our judgment as a jury.“

„...организацията надмина очакванията ми, такава сериозна подготовка не бях виждал на друг ретро парад у нас досега! Голямо БРАВО на Старозагорския клуб и в частност главния организатор г-н Ганчо Баев, юбилеят им със сигурност ще се запомни дълго, а дано високото ниво да стане традиционно за в бъдеще. Да не забравяме и приноса на нашия съфорумник Ники Корудерлиев, който беше изпипал и най-малките детайли в оформлението на сувенирите и наградния фонд.“

2017 - „First of all I want to thank all of you for the warm welcome and great event. But above all congratulations for your absolutely fantastic book! I must thank you for so many pages on the Belgrade events and of course for your participation during so many years.“